Hi there!

You expected to see a sailor woman? Of course I am.

But not that it.

My life has been really rich of adventures and full of different jump step. Now I live in Australia, my new welcome Country where it’s good to let be lazy and busy days as well.

I always have strived to catch an exciting life. I love sport, dance, nature walk, reading, music, I play guitar.

When I can, I spent my time in the charity associations because I understand the importance to share my competence with the other people. I am born to give hand at all those would want be helped.

It’s for that, after my decision to stop teaching Dance, I have followed a massage course training. Offer my good energy.

But among all my different passion activities, my favourite is the COOKING.

Also I decided to pass my master CREPE MAKER CERTIFICATE in France.

My wish is to make discover all the varieties of the French recipes, with professional knowledge and as well with all my love of the good products.

I am a happy person, sometimes too much emotionally affected. Since my younger age I believe that everybody are like me, deeply attached of real friendly relationships. Here in Australia, I have already found out some good friends.

This is obviously a part of my French side, to be more precise, one Mediterranean strong character well planted.

Well saying,

I wait for your visit on my stall market for the tasting about the original traditional crepe and savoury “GALETTE”.  I promise teach you to pronunciation this French word.

We will live an interesting gourmet moment in sharing our different culture.

See you there everybody!

2018 © Tamm Ha Tamm