Never give up...

From his youngest age, bathed in the fascinating books of Eric Tabarly, the sea and oceans for FRD (Francois-Regis) will let the motive that guides his life path.

Born in west of France, in Celtic country named Brittany, his passion for sailing Atlantic will grow his seaman knowledge. Already on a boat at the age of 5 years alongside his father for fishing parties that allowed to feed the little Breton family.

Sailing cruise Monitor from 17, and crew / skipper in sailing races on boats like Dart 18, J24, Jeanneau Fun, Open 570, half tonner, two tonner…


"Salt is definitely in his veins."

Despite his passion for sailing that devours him, he continues to make a successful career as technical engineer and GM/CEO in different companies. At a crossroads of his life, he decided to live permanently on his sailing boat, a Feeling 44, in the south of France. Not too much consumption is his choice, choosing to be ready to cast off at any time.

With his permanent immigration to Australia, FRD follows his idea of boating achievement, in purchasing an expedition sailing steel yacht, 68 footer, where it will be able to realize all his childhood dreams, sails and round the entire Pacific and its many islands. Tamm Ha Tamm the beautiful is arrived on June 2016. Pacific adventure can begin,


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