Fresh and Fresh

Want something different ? Try our savoury galette, 100 % cooked on site. All the food we cook are daily fresh and we select high quality ingredients.

What about the policy here ?

Our priority is to bring quality and healthy ingredients and definitively not volume and poor quality. We use local organic fruits, local organic eggs, snags and many other local organic ingredients. We import certified organic buckwheat flour, 75% cacao chocolate, cheese, and many traditionnal ingredients direct from France. This is our choice to be respectfull to all our customers by bringing quality first with a very reasonnable price. Junk food is not our way. Then, we cook on site. It's another choice to daily cook fresh in our kitchen. We don t bake "ready to eat" frozen meals coming from a food factory. Cooking fresh following Chrissy's Grand ma recipes is a great benefit for our customers because this is genuine like lemon curd, salted butter caramel, ratatouille and many ingredients. Yes, salted butter caramel and other don't come from an industrial process but from our kitchen !

A bientot et bon apetit.

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